Master research concert

201217 Cowmusic
After a year of contemplation about the subject of my master research, I started to work together with Martine Zeeman in creating a performance based on Martijn Paddings Cow music, with the goal to enrich the performance with theatrical elements. This resulted in a 35-minute theatrical performance of the otherwise 10-minute long solo piece. Together with the rest of the accordion class of the Hague, we made this into a concert of 1,5 hours in the “Theaterhuis Zeep aan zee” in Noordwijk 20 december 2017.

Comments from the audience included:
“I have never been to a contemporary music performance, but because of this theatrical approach and the accessibility, the performance gained, I’m very interested in attending a contemporary music concert even without theatricality!

“I have never seen so many accordions in a performance and most of them didn’t even play!”
This last comment is something to review for future concerts…

accordionclass. An Raskin, Robbrecht van Cauwenberghe, Coraline Groen, Daumantas Stundžia, Me
Met Martine Zeeman 20-12-17