With Bram en Bien

From January 2018 – May 2018 I was involved in my biggest project so far. Salam! As part of an ASKO Schonberg ensemble in collaboration with Club Guy and Roni and NNT. An interdisciplinary show of 2 hours containing a huge overlap in roles between Dancers, actors, and musicians. After about 6 weeks of rehearsing started a very successful tour in the Netherlands and Belgium.🤪🤪

The Musicians all together

As always in interdisciplinary work, it’s hard to come together, but when you actually manage to do just that, it gives an amazing result and feeling to be part of such a hugely important project!😎😎 It was really nice that I got the chance to put my master research into practice right away and next to that meeting and working with everyone involved!

After this came to an end and we heard that we are selected for the national theatre festival and will get the opportunity to play it twice more: 🔜One at the theatre festival (9 September 2018) and one in Groningen (11 September 2018)🔜

Edit: September 2018, Guy won the national Regieprijs with this show!

One other thing I learned from Guy: 👷‍♂️💪It’s possible to climb a ladder with the accordion on your back.