From January 2018 – May 2018 I was involved in my biggest project so far. Salam! As part of an ASKO Schonberg ensemble in collaboration with Club Guy and Roni and NNT. An interdisciplinary show … Ga door met lezen vanSalam


I met Merel Vercammen at the classical encounters festival where we were asked to do an improvisation and as sometimes happens in the field of music, it was a match! I came by another time … Ga door met lezen vanNonaba


November 2017, I was performing try-outs of Valjean in Avignon with the intention of finishing the first 2 acts. It was a really hectic but very special week among different nationalities (Portuguese, French, Dutch..), trying … Ga door met lezen vanValjean

Er was eens…

This year I had the chance to participate in the yearly theatre production of Zeep aan Zee: Er was eens… In which 6 countries, 6 stories and 6 different arts came together under director Martine … Ga door met lezen vanEr was eens…

BWA de grens

Early 2017 my ensemble But What About started this collaboration with Jan-Peter de Graaff with the idea to make a short chamberopera of 25 minutes for the yearly opera route Salone dell’opera. The resulting 25-minute … Ga door met lezen vanBWA de grens